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CNC controller Fanuc 21iT
Swing 29.5"
Maximum Cutting Diameter 19.7"
Maximum Turning Length 26.8"
Travel X axis 13.2"
Travel Z axis 29.5"
Guide Ways Boxed on X Linear For Z Boxed
Spindle Nose A2 8
Max Bar Work Diameter left 3.5" - right 2.5"
Spindle Speed 3000 RPM
Rapid Traverse X axis 945 ipm
Rapid Traverse Z axis 945 ipm
Turret 12 Staion 
Live Tool Max. Speed -
Live Tool Power 7.5 HP
Tool Size (Square Shank) 1" sq
Tool Size (Round shank) 1.5"
Index Time (1 station/1 full rev) .2 sec
Chuck ( Samwoo Kitagawa ) 12"Main 8"
Tail Stock Quill Diameter -
Tail Stock Quill Travel (Programmable) -
Tail Stock Body Travel -
Tail Stock Quill Internal Taper -
Gear Box -
Horsepower(30min./Peak) 50/60 HP
Torque 665 ft-lbs (L) 103 ft-lbs (R)
Weight 13,900 lbs
Bed 45 deg




MFG Date Sept 2006 / Sn. SKT300ms 0003 Very well maintained machine, Cleaned, Refurbished with new parts, Inspected and stamp of approval Reduced Price or OBO!
We are the original Dealer / supplier of this machine! CNC controller Fanuc 21iT Swing 29.5″ Maximum cutting diameter 19.7″ Maximum workpiece length 26.8″ Travel X axis 13.2″ Travel Z axis 29.5″ B Axis Travel 27.6″ ways Boxed Spindle A2 8 Second A2 6 Max bar work diameter Left 3.5″ Max bar work diameter right 2.5″ Max RPM L / R 3000 L / 4000 R C Axis Right & Left spindle C Axis Spindles Right spindle 5 Deg with disk brake Rapid traverse X axis 945 ipm Rapid traverse Z axis 945 ipm Turret BMT 65 12 Tools Tool size (Square Shank) 1″ sq Tool size (Round shank) 1.5″ Index time(1 station/1 full rev) .2 sec/ Chuck ( Samwoo Kitagawa ) 12″Main 8″ Second Horsepower Main 30 HP Horsepower Sub 15 HP Live Tooling 7.5 HP Live Tooling Torque 26 ft-lbs Torque 665 ft-lbs (L) 103 ft-lbs (R) Work light Yes Weight 13,900 lbs Bed 45 deg Coolant system 43 psi Automatic Tool Setter Yes Standard tooling package Yes Sub Spindle Parts Catcher Yes



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